There Will Always Be a Reason Why You Meet People. Either You Need to Change Your Life, Or You’re the One That’ll Change Theirs.

From the ins and outs of our NewWay Mississippi heart, we thank OXFAM Foundation for their collaboration. With OXFAM Foundation and Key Construction, NewWay Mississippi Inc. continues to aid in housing and employment training for our returning citizens. #diminishrecidivism #justiceforMSprisonsystem

District Attorney Jody Owens speaks with our returning citizens Larry Perry, CEO of NWMI  with OXFAM Foundation, District Attorney Jody Owens, and Chairmen of MS Parole Board Steven Pickett OXFAM foundation creates pipeline for jobs to allow our returning citizens to gain purpose in their work and understand their contribution to society As a returning citizen, he speaks to others as a living example of turning his life around after incarceration


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