Just Take Life One Day at a Time, Fence by Fence

At NewWay Mississippi, it is our passion to diminish the rate of recidivism. At our housing community in Magee, MS, our returning citizens have begun a fencing project. The fencing project exhibits teamwork and allows individuals to develop a “step-by-step” mindset as they transition into society.

Our housing community of returning citizens and mentors. Established 1998, NewWay Mississippi continues to serve the homeless, ex-offenders, veterans, recovering alcoholics and drug substance abuse individuals.

We are so proud of the progress made thus far by our returning citizens. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication of this community-building project.

New Way’s Artist

When we opened our facility in Magee we knew a sign was needed, but we didn’t have the funds to buy a sign.  We recently took in a new client who painted the sign.  It looks so professional and he’s amazingly talented.  Our returning citizens have untapped resources.  They are ready to show the world what they have to offer!